Photos from ArtSpace Residency – Summer 2012

A small selection of photos from my summer residency at ArtSpace, Leeds Art Gallery. More can be found in the Workshops section and here on my Flickr page. Video will follow.

Yes, the space is empty in these pics, but on average 100 people attended each workshop throughout July and August! My busiest day was Monday 6th August, when around 150 kids, parents, grandparents, students, artists, filmmakers and friends came along to have a go at making their own projections in the gallery space.

Most participants took their work home with them, but many exhibited their 16mm film loops and acetates in ArtSpace for the duration of the residency: suspended from a custom built frame and in the ArtSpace cabinets.

In the next week I will be telecine-ing and uploading the film loops to my Vimeo feed and linking them up here.

Thanks to the Leeds Art Gallery team for all your support, and to the hundreds of participants who came along to experiment!