Screen Kiss Series – ONE HUNDRED FOOT II

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“Screen Kiss Series” will be screening internationally this year – as part of the ONE HUNDRED FOOT programme.  Jim Hobbs has curated 19 films by artists and filmmakers for the programme, which will debut this Saturday, July 20th, 2013 with an inaugural screening at Latitude Festival in Suffolk.

“ONE HUNDRED FOOT II gathers together films made by artists and filmmakers – each film has been made using a single roll of 100ft 16mm film. Collage, found footage, handmade processes, film manipulation, short sketches, finished works, end of reels, rushes, and cans that haven’t been off the shelf in years – these films offer up a type of B-side mentality and a glimpse into many of the artists’ working processes.”

ONE HUNDRED FOOT II is:Jenny Baines | Oliver Bancroft | Richard Bevan | Jenna Bliss | Stephen Broomer | Joanna Byrne | Louise Colborne | Nick Collins | Lucy Harris | Bea Haut | Jim Hobbs | James Holcombe | David Leister | Denis Masi | Luke McCreadie | Sophie Michael | Jayne Parker Vicky Smith | Vicki Thornton
More information on the project can be found at the ONE HUNDRED FOOT II site.
Click here to download a copy of  the programme notes.