Screen Kiss | On Residual Agencies @ Edinburgh Art Festival

On 3rd August I’ll be performing Screen Kiss at the Edinburgh Art Festival, as part of On Residual Agencies, curated by Leontios Toumpouris and Maria Anastassiou.

This choreographed screening of performance, film and expanded cinema reflects the concerns of Toumpouris’ current research project on alchemical thinking, in collaboration with the Telfer Gallery, Glasgow.

On Residual Agencies negotiates with the alchemical quality and materiality of the celluloid and the distribution of agency in filmic practices. The body and the apparatus are employed, represented, fragmented and suggested in a choreographed screening of works by artists and filmmakers such as Basma Alsharif, Joanna Byrne and David Gatten.

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On Residual Agencies
4-5pm, Thursday 3rd August 2017

@Morningside United Church
15 Chamberlain Road,
Edinburgh, EH10 4DJ

Screen Kiss at FMS