Living Mural @ BedPop 2017

This weekend I’ll be returning to Bedford for BedPop 2017 – collaborating on an open access live projection workshop with Maria Anastassiou, in partnership with Bedford Creative Arts and The Higgins, Bedford.

The Living Mural workshop was inspired by Unravel’s group residency at the Whitney Museum of American Art, for the Dreamlands exhibition in December 2016. While we were there we got a rare chance to see one of Stan Van Der Beek’s Movie Murals (pictured below), and thought, why not create a workshop where participants can explore multiple projection through live play and experimentation?

Working in a practical, hands on way with collage, shapes, patterns and unusual materials, participants will create slides and acetates for projection in the gallery space.
The day will culminate in a live, multiple projection of all slides made – turning the gallery space into a constantly changing montage – a living mural.

Participants will be invited to capture this performance using cameraphones, and upload using the hashtag #livingmural…  encouraging participants to explore the shift from analogue to digital and how new relationships can be created through transforming mediums.

We’ll be at the Higgins from 11-5pm Saturday and 2-5pm Sunday. Come join us!

abstract collage1