2009 | super 8mm film

Manifestoh still 12

2009: less than a year since the financial crisis of late 2008, and the consequences of the meltdown were being downplayed as the “credit crunch”, as opposed to global recession.  All over Britain, effects of the crisis were being seen as small businesses folded, houses were repossessed and high street retail spaces were left abandoned.

The abstracted images that scroll across the frame at breakneck speed – plummeting indexes and breaking news? – were produced by photocopying text from the Communist Party Manifesto directly onto the surface of the filmstrip. A frenetic sonic collage of UK and US news reports from the autumn of 2008 forms the accompanying soundtrack.

Screenings: Film Movement in Light: A Contemporary Expression, National Portrait Gallery, London (2013) | Cinema Povera, Leeds (2010) | DocFest, Sheffield (2009)