Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise [Conceal]

2008- | Expanded cinema performance | looped 16mm film and cosmetics | collaged sound | 9:30

“a fixed image is the basic mortality error…” William S Burroughs | 1988

This projector performance takes as a starting point a recognisable – and interchangeable – image of a contemporary Hollywood star doing the double shift for the multi $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ cosmetics industry. Projected as a continuous loop, the image is worked upon as it runs through the projector. First it is chemically cleansed (with bleach), then toned (with hair dye), moisturised (with conditioner) and finally concealed with strobing liquid foundation. The film is accompanied by a sonic collage: robotic voices reciting the small print from beauty ads are interwoven with the soundtrack from a pseudo-scientific skincare infomercial. As the image is concealed, its intentions are revealed.

Performances: Cellul-oko, FACT, Liverpool (2012) | Cinema Corporel, Leeds (2011) | Exploding Cinema, London (2009) | Kinetika!: Leeds International Film Festival, Leeds (2008)