Madonna and child

2006 | Expanded cinema installation with 16mm film found footage and found object

“To screen means to both conceal and to show.  Enacting what it designates, the screen implies that concealing is showing and showing is concealing.  Screen, screening, screenings: noun/verb, hide/show, conceal/reveal, absence/presence… Forever oscillating between differences it joins without uniting, the meaning of screen remains undecideable.”

Zummer | 2003 |Variables: notations on stability, permeability, and plurality in media artifacts |

Madonna & Child006

Madonna and Child (2006)

A plastic foetus is turned restlessly in the belly of a shop mannequin. These actions play out in cyclical, continuous motion as the loop passes through the projector, insistently enacting and re-enacting protective rites/rights.

Screenings: EXP24, Leeds (2006); Cinema Corporel, Leeds (2011)