screen kiss series

2008 | 16mm & standard 8mm film | 3:00

Lipstick cherry all over the lens and she’s falling…” 

Screen Kiss Series, which explores how the female body is “screened” in film, came out of working on the live projector performance Screen Kiss

I was watching a lot of 1940s film noir at the time: the female star has a glowing radiance about her, produced by placing a translucent barrier (gauze, vaseline) between the body and the lens. The focus gradually shifts from the face, to the messy, visceral imprints of the lips – the means by which this radiance is achieved. Hand-processing and photo-chemical manipulation (solarisation) explode the image further, breaking down the screen kiss so that it cannot be easily contained within the frame.

Screenings as part of ONE HUNDRED FOOT II (curated by Jim Hobbs):

(2014) Star and Shadow, Newcastle | Jerwood Gallery, London | Whitstable Biennale, Whitstable | Lo & Behold Gallery, London | (2013) MK Gallery, Milton Keynes | Brown BCB, Athens, Greece | Latitude Fesitival, UK