Screen Kiss

2007- | Expanded cinema performance | looped 16mm film and lipstick | optical & collaged sound | 10:00 approx

“Appearance, disappearance, transience… Ephemeral cinema is the flicker of the breathing moment.” Bradley Eros | 2005 | There will be projections in all dimensions.


Reimag(in)ing desire: a “living film” that changes each time it is performed. The projectionist applies lipstick and kisses a film loop as it runs through the projector. Lipstick imprints are transmuted into flickering light, spilling across the frame and out onto the optical sound strip, which translates these tactile traces of human touch into abstracted sound.

Tape recorded cinematic cinches are interwoven with the optical sound and fed through guitar effects pedals: voices surface through oceans of swelling strings as the flickering imprints multiply. The performance ends when the film is too clogged to run through the projector and suddenly slips out of the gate.


Screen kiss performance still (photo: Chris Paul Daniels)


On Residual Agencies, The Telfer Gallery/Edinburgh Art Festival (2017), Film Material #8, Rogue Studios, Manchester (2013), Misdirect Movies, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2013), Cinema Corporel, Granary Wharf, Leeds (2011) | EXP24, Leeds (2007)



Screen Kiss performance still (photo: Erwan Durand)