Untitled for two projectors

2010 | oko collaboration | expanded film installation for two 16mm projectors

“The Emperor’s New Mall: The popular notion that shopping malls exist on the insides only and have no exterior. The suspension of visual belief engendered by this notion allows shoppers to pretend that the large, cement blocks thrust into their environment do not, in fact, exist.” Douglas Coupland | 1991 | Generation X

What happens when buildings lie empty? Do they die? Or do they take on another form of life? What ghosts remain?

This site-specific work was shot in the TK Maxx space of Leeds Shopping Plaza (now part of the Trinity Centre) on three Fomapan 16mm 100ft loads, hand-processed and manually edited.

For The Plaza Principle, two lengths of film were installed on two 16mm projectors via a hand-made looper system which foregrounded the internal architecture of this stripped down former retail space.  The piece was created, projected and destroyed in the same space.

Derek Horton wrote a piece to accompany the remnants of the installation, which was exhibited in place of the projections:

“The collective oko work with the materiality of film and the performative aspects of its mechanical projection. For The Plaza Principle they made two films in the empty space of this room, then projected them on a double screen, with the films looped around the architecture of the building. The fragility of the film and the stresses of this process mean that it has a limited lifespan, shorter than the duration of this exhibition. The films were shown for four days, until they disintegrated and the loops broke. The mechanics of this process remain as the only surviving trace of its life in this space.”

Exhibited as part of The Plaza Principle, former TK Maxx Unit, Leeds Shopping Plaza (2010)